1. CHOOSE PRODUCTa. Choose product to buy. b. Click on the product.Rijal&co How to order - choose product 1c. Check your size properly using size guide before choose size you want to buy. d. Check stock availability. e. Click ‘Buy Now’ to add product to cart.Rijal&co How to order - choose product 2
2. CHECK YOUR ITEMS IN THE CART a. Click ‘View Cart’ or ‘Basket Logo’ to view all products selected. b. Check your selected product. All items selected must be correct before make payment. c. Click ‘Proceed to Checkout’ if all items are correct and ready to make payment. Rijal&co How to order - cart
3. CHECKOUT & MAKE PAYMENT FOR YOUR ORDER a. Fill up all the billing details as requested. Name, Address, Phone No. and Email. If you buy on behalf of your friend or agent, make sure to tick ‘Ship to Difference Address’. Fill up the shipping address if the shipping address different from billing address. If the address is the same, no need to tick ‘Ship to Difference Address’.Rijal&co How to order - details 1 Rijal&co How to order - details 2 b. Check your order list again and choose your bank to make payment using Internet Banking. c. Click ‘Pay Now’.Rijal&co How to order - pay nowd. Once successful, you will received notification via email. e. Delivery will be out within 1-2 days and you will received order within 7 days for Malaysia, and 14 days for oversea.THANK YOU FOR YOUR PURCHASE.